A snooze, a cycle, and a song

Our Social Media Manager, Abbie muses on the power of a snooze, the importance of listening on your bike, and a lock-down serenade courtesy of Foil Arms and Hog.
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Each Week, Abigail Grimstad, TheatreMaker.ie’s Social Media Manager looks at the posts on social media that caught her attention.

Happy Friday Everyone! (Or if you’re reading this on any day other than Friday, I hereby give you the right to act like it’s Friday, at least while you’re reading this post.) You’re welcome.

It’s been quite the week, with season announcements, delaying of Ireland’s Phase 4, and major layoffs and redundancies in several large theatres and companies. As our fourteenth episode of Stage Door Live aired this week, we heard the breaking news that Phase 4 will be delayed until August 10th. For those of us hoping for a pint in a pub (me, me, me!) and those wishing the pesky tourists would just quarantine already (also me!), this announcement was a mix of welcome and unwelcome news. But if quarantine has taught me anything, it is that I don’t really know what I feel anymore.

Before you say anything, I’m okay. Just dealing with some existential doubt, like we all are. I’ll get over it.

Meanwhile, here are some of the sparkles from my social media meanderings this week:

Nothing like a cycle to calm the nerves

There’s nothing like the cool breeze rippling through your hair and tiny bugs up your nose to draw your attention away from the fact that the world will never be the same after this. I often find myself cycling around aimlessly, attempting to convince myself I actually have a place to be. In all honestly, fresh air and new surroundings have the ability to pull me out of whatever funk I find myself in.

The Glucksman in Cork have been catching my eye for a while now. The ‘New Light’ billboard exhibition, part of the Cork Midsummer Festival lit up their Instagram page, which at that time was the only way for us non-Corkonians to enjoy the eight works from artists Carol Anne Connolly, Mark Kent, Leanne McDonagh, Peter Nash, Sarah O’Brien, Shane O’Driscoll, Emma O’Hara, and Pádraig Spillane.

When I lose focus (i.e. scrolling mindlessly through social media) I’ve quite often found myself roaming their page, and although originally posted in May, this sonic observation in response to COVID-19 from artist Amanda Rice, had me equal parts energised and meditative.

Give it a listen! (Use headphones if possible!)

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Irish Artists respond to COVID-19 restrictions

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“I observed as one man kept looking at his watch, as if that could bring the shore any nearer.”

Time is a funny thing, and it can sometimes run the slowest when we are busiest. For me, my cycles through the streets of Dublin bring me a sense of meditative calm which is emulated by Rice’s work, but perhaps fortunately, unable to be fully captured in only audio. It’s about the stories you pass by, and the pavement passing beneath you.

Is it time for a nap yet?

I’ll admit, when I first came across the videos of Eamon Ryan TD having a quick snooze during a Dáil meeting in their makeshift socially-distanced space at IFSC, I was shocked that this behaviour was taking place, especially during a focus on low wage jobs. You’d think those in government would at least try to look interested.

It must be the comfy seats, and perhaps the humid air  which lulled Mr. Ryan into a cozy slumber. With that in mind, I tend to agree with Peter here. Many’s the time I’ve fallen asleep in altogether unlikely situations, in uncomfortable seating arrangements, and even once mid-shift. (I’m not proud of it, and I profusely apologised, but in my defense it had been a long day.) Now, if I was making as much money as a TD, I might make it a point to have an extra cup of coffee before especially lengthy meetings. 

We can all have a giggle at his expense, but in reality, we don’t know what other factors may have played into this socially separate snooze. Hopefully Mr. Ryan will get a good night’s sleep and be all the more awake during the next session.

What did Uncle Tony do this time?

With all the accusations and political strategy we’re seeing across the world, sometimes it’s nice to get a reminder of what it means to be humble, honest, and willing to take responsibility. Although it may not be the easiest thing to keep track of the entire extended family, it is great to see Keogh’s being transparent with the current situation regarding the report of unlicensed cannabis cultivation.

Now if our world leaders (some more than others) could take a leaf from Keogh’s book, and take a bit of responsibility for the state of things. Although they may not have broken things in the first place, their job is to lead, and that means honestly acknowledging the situation at hand.

‘Gwan Keoghs.

For the hell of it

From here on out, it’s all about the laughs, the oohs and ahhs, and the warm fuzzy feeling you get when a social media post speaks directly to your heart.

This made me melt. WE MUST SAVE THE BEES!

Anyone else start snapping in time to the Big Band music in your head?

Why the Hell did Lockdown have to End?

Why the Hell did Lockdown have to End?… The Song.Be a legend and support our videos on Patreon here:https://www.patreon.com/foilarmsandhogThanks 🙂

Posted by Foil Arms and Hog on Thursday, June 25, 2020

Foil Arms and Hog, how I adore thee. After only watching their videos on social media, I made it to a live show a few years ago at Vicar Street, which confirmed for me this trio’s impeccable timing and ability to work a crowd. I think it’s safe to say I was laughing through tears for the majority of the night. If you ever get a chance, you MUST see them live.

Those are my sparkles for the week, everyone. All that’s left is to ask you:

What will you miss most from your lockdown?

Take care of yourselves, and as always, take care of each other.



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