Actor Seeking Audience, and Light?

Each Week, Abigail Grimstad,’s Social Media Manager looks at the posts on social media that caught her attention. Our actors are desperately seeking audiences, and our technies control the world. More news to follow.
Oklahoma Project at the 5th Avenue Theatre, waiting in the wings
Look at that light!

Each Week, Abigail Grimstad,’s Social Media Manager looks at the posts on social media that caught her attention.

Hello Friends!

Welcome back (or for the first time!). This week was awash in inspiration, both on socials and off. I managed to finish my second book of lock-down (I couldn’t muster the focus needed for the first few months), and we’re seeing a whole host of exciting content released for our immediate consumption.

As I’ve said before on here, I can sometimes find myself overwhelmed with the amount of stimulus social media provides, or I suppose we could say social media trains us to seek out. This week, with no real structure in mind, I gravitated towards things which make me smile, snort, and feel all warm and fuzzy inside. Or as one might put it, added a bit of SPARKLE into my days.


It’s true. We would be nowhere without our techies. On Episode 11 of Stage Door Live, we focused on the arts and live events workers that make theatre and performances possible. In producing this episode, I had the opportunity to chat with Liam Fitzgerald and Sophie Ridley from EPIC about the impact of the pandemic on the live events industry and freelance arts workers, and what the sector needs to do to support them.

Without the workers who make live events run safely and smoothly, a lot of art would simply not happen. As illustrated by the tweet below:

I’m sure we’ve all heard the quote which goes something like, ‘Without them, actors would be standing on a dirt floor, naked, in the dark.’

No doubt we need our arts and live events workers to stay in the sector, but like all of us, they need to pay bills, mortgages, and eat. If you can, donate to #WeAreTheSupportAct here: Support Live Event Industry Crew , share with your friends, and maybe grab some cool merch here: Support the Crew Merchandise . Visit EPIC’s website to learn how you can contact your local TDs, and become a voice for those who support us all.

Couch Choreography

I’m sure I’m not alone when I say this lock-down has given me the chance to discover every possible workspace in my apartment. Some days, I’ve switched locations multiple times within the same hour. (I somehow thought this would help me focus; instead it gave me a whole new view to distract me.)

I’d love to be moving more than I am, and have recently downloaded the couch to 5K app. (Please don’t check in with me on my progress because I don’t need that kind of pressure in my life. I might just take up twerking.) But in all seriousness, I have found massive inspiration in dance and movement pieces during all this. From Dublin Dance Festivals Digital Capsule , advertised as ’10 days of movement in a world of restriction’ , to the beautiful work of Junk Ensemble which I covered in my blog a few weeks ago,  I am finding myself drawn time and time again to artistic expression without words.

After stumbling upon the bathtub Swan Lake on Twitter, I’ve scheduled a part of my evening tonight to watch the rest of the collection.

I can’t wait for the sofa stylings from Mimbre Acrobats, which is going to be a treat if their Instagram page is anything to go by.

Phantom in an empty theatre

After our fabulous Stage Door Live episode this week, there was nothing that could’ve put me in a better mood on Thursday morning than this. Janice, our Associate Producer, shared this post initially, and it gave me the sort of chills I’d expect to feel watching a live performance of Phantom. (Yes, those chords still strike me on a visceral level, even though I know they’re coming) and I was very much looking forward to seeing it for my third time live this year at the Bord Gais Energy Theatre.

Sing for ME, Killian Donnelly!

Tonight and every night since 10 June 2020, Irish leading man Killian Donnelly should be taking to the Bord Gáis Energy…

Posted by Bord Gáis Energy Theatre on Thursday, July 9, 2020

A little birdie told me that our Creator and Executive Producer, Kevin was going to mark his 25th Phantom performance with this run, so I can’t even try to boast about being a fan. He’s got us all beat by a mile (or at least 22 performances.)

Actor Seeking Audience

There’s not much more to be said about these last few videos. Except, us performers are DESPERATE for an audience. And there’s a lot more material on it’s way, now that people-watching is now easier again.


I know. Another dancer, another movement piece, but LORD HELP ME if you don’t get infected with this girl’s energy and charisma. I will now be watching her videos whenever I need a swift kick in the pants or a shot of energy to get through the day. I will forever be impressed with dancers who somehow look like they float on top of the ground.

It’s been a delightful week, as you can see. But in true dramatic fashion, let’s throw a little darkness in from our old buddy Sammy Beckett.

Thanks Sam, I needed that.


What’s been motivating you to get moving this week?


Take care of yourselves, and as always, take care of each other.

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