Amsterdam Dance Event launches Arts and Culture Programme

Information stand for the Amsterdam Dance Event (ADE) edition 2016 on Rembrandt Square in Amsterdam. Wikimedia Commons

Amsterdam Dance Event, one of the seminal electronic music festivals in Europe, has announced it will be expanding to include an arts and culture programme at this year’s event.

Taking place across the city of Amsterdam between 13-17 October, Amsterdam Dance Event (ADE) has always been a staple of the electronic festival scene. In the autumn, when the good weather is dissipating and the days are getting shorter, ADE offers ravers their last taste of the European festival circuit.

This programme gives an entirely new dimension to the already sterling event. Promising creative residencies, artistic crossovers and more, the move looks to combine dance music with the influences of electronics away from the dancefloor.

Berlin’s Atonal Festival stands as the first to really indulge this crossover between electronic music and live spectacle. However, ADE has played host to dance operas, installations and incredible performances in the avant-garde of music over the past few years.

This new programme will work alongside some of the more cutting-edge institutions in Amsterdam — namely the NXT Museum which is dedicated to new media art, exploring multi-sensory exhibitions and beyond.

“Electronic music and art are inseparably bound,” said ADE’s official statement. The festival promises to connect “dance culture with the multidisciplinary world of arts” while offering attendees a chance to “explore the world of dance outside of the dancefloor this October.”

As a new generation of artists begin to explore new ways of delivering their art, so too have they been opened up to the world of electronic music and its creative forms of production.

In cities across Europe, the electronic music scene is tied together with immense creativity and forward thought. ADE looks to bridge the gap between culture, music, and the arts into one form of creativity; giving an outlet for all those influenced by the electronic scene.

To find out more about the festival and to get your tickets, check out the link.

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