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Our Social Media Manager, Abbie, shines a light on the fight for the live events and technical theatre workers, with a dash of Foil, Arms, and Hog.
Have you asked a technician to turn it off and on again?
“Ballet stage lighting” by zaimoku_woodpile is licensed under CC BY 2.0

There’s been a wave of news and exciting content released this week, and although I could have done a “Sparkles” post every day this week, I’m compelled to draw focus to a few hot issues.

Conversations on an episode

If you didn’t tune into this week’s episode of Stage Door Live focused on #TrainingIrishActors, you truly missed out. But NEVER FEAR! You can catch all our previous episodes here: YouTube Channel. If you tuned in, you will have heard that we will be taking a week off in preparation for Dublin Fringe Festival. 

We can’t wait to preview and cover their amazing line-up, and as it’s looking now, nearly all the shows are SOLD OUT! Congrats to the Fringe Team, and those who managed to nab a ticket!

We’ve been thoroughly enjoying the conversations that our episodes have been provoking, and for me, comments like the one below make me REALLY HAPPY. We want to draw the focus to important issues and topics including diversity, inclusion, access and how the industry needs to change to support a wider community of artists. These are the chats we need to be having, and hearing from our viewers reaffirms the work we’re doing. We can ALL do better, and we need to hold ourselves accountable.

Strut your stuff

This doesn’t necessarily fall under any important subject, except we should all be embracing our glam like this. I have to imagine, this sort of catwalk may have been harder in heels. (Have you ever tried to walk in temple bar in anything besides flats? It’s a twisted ankle waiting to happen.) Thank you, Stranger, for reminding us all that we’re fabulous.

Temple Bar was so quiet tonight until the webcam picked up some lunatic doing the catwalk…

Posted by Paul V. Stenson on Monday, August 3, 2020

I fear the days of the silent streets of Temple Bar are over (and rightly so, because it was pretty damn eerie.)


Sometimes it feels like we’re in an arcade, paying FAR too much to play, spending way too long on our favourite games, and realising in the end, our tickets only get us a candy bar. It was nice to hear Neil Murray agreeing with Tom here. Even after an absolutely stellar night with Dear Ireland Continues, I’m sure the Abbey team are feeling the stress of constantly adapting to the seemingly every-changing minds of the government. Perhaps we are living under a circus tent, and this is all a dream after all…

As an actor myself, I often feel quite masochistic and I’d never hesitate to jump at a chance to work.(Or maybe it’s the industry that does that to us?) Nevertheless, I might need to take a leaf out of Tom Moran’s book there. Nice one, Tom.


I saw so much support and love for the live events sector this week, I swear my heart was going to burst. No matter how hard this time has been for me, I know that the live events sector, technical theatre crew, and arts workers have had it a thousands times harder. Although with the work being done by the EPIC working group, AIST, Minding Creative Minds, and now Irish Equity as they’ve started to represent more arts workers, there are still so many who are without adequate support, and I don’t think any of us want to imagine an Ireland without their work.

Posted by Josh Roxby on Tuesday, August 11, 2020

Alongside #WeMakeEvents Red Alert Day of Action on the 11th of August, images like the one below were all over social media. For those who didn’t understand just how large of an issue this is, hopefully this gives them a better perspective.

Posted by Martin Audio Ltd on Tuesday, August 11, 2020

Socially Distanced and Scaffolding Up to Their Eyeballs

No one could escape seeing this image floating around the Twitter-sphere this week, and sure, at first it looks promising.

Hey! Those are people! At a gig! In their pods! Everything is okay now!

It’s not though. With the amount of labour and gear needed to make socially distanced spaces possible, there’s no way production companies or those in the live events sector can even TRY to make ends meet. That is, without serious help from the government.

The EPIC working group responded, highlighting this article which highlights the realities of staging an event like this, and how this “expensive photo op” is not a feasible option for the reopening of the sector. In other words, it is nice to look at, but I wouldn’t expect to see this sort of layout in Phoenix Park anytime soon.

This is a great interview by Pete Rose on Highland Radio about the realistic costs of staging an event like the UK one…

Posted by EPIC on Thursday, August 13, 2020


The 16th of September is in my calendar as of this Wednesday. I’m looking forward to standing up in whatever way I can to support the live events sector, and to help create change. EPIC has been doing amazing work, and when we spoke with Sophie Ridley and Liam Fitzgerald on Stage Door Live , they talked with us about the concerns of arts workers and live events crew leaving the sector to find employment elsewhere. If we don’t stand up for our friends and colleagues now, there won’t be a sector to return to.

The commercial live events sector has received minimal support to date from government and faces decimation if supports…

Posted by EPIC on Wednesday, August 12, 2020

I hope you’ll save the date with us, and we’ll see you then!

Oh my Guinness

It’s been absolutely ages since I’ve enjoyed a pint, and I’ve hankering for it nearly as much as I crave human contact right now. The delightful Foil, Arms, and Hog have once again made me chortle to myself. If you haven’t heard of these guys (have you been living under a rock?) you should check them out. I saw them live a few years ago, and they truly know how to work an audience.

If Every Country had a Bar

– If Every Country had a Bar – Irish Bar, Aussie Bar, Saudi Arabian Bar…If you want more bonus sketches and stuff join our Patreon here

Posted by Foil Arms and Hog on Thursday, August 13, 2020

I’ve always wanted to go to Norway, but I don’t think I’ll ever be able to affjord it.

At this point, I’d go to any bar that would have me.

Where are you excited to visit once travel restrictions have lifted?

Take care of yourself and as always, take care of each other.

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