Arts Council releases festival and event safety guidelines

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The Arts Council has released its COVID-19 Guidelines for the Safe presentation of Festivals and Live Events.

Fáilte Ireland and The Arts Council have collaborated in line with the government’s COVID-19 Resilience and Recovery 2021 — The Path Ahead scheme to develop guidelines helping festival and event organisers get back on track.

Safety and support are at the core of the guidance protocols, hoping to build back trust in live events for the general public and to minimise transmission of the virus.

The guidelines are strictly for the general running of an event, rather than anything leading up to an event in booking or organisation. There are guidelines for working conditions and protocols to be met also.

The guidelines introduce festival or event organisers to the National Framework for living With Covid-19, all the way through preparation for an event, suspected case or outbreak response planning, and to first-aid or emergency response planning.

Much like situations with restaurants and live venues, these guidelines are in preparation for a future with COVID-19. They require frequent monitoring and standards to uphold as Ireland deals with the fallout of the pandemic.

Adding another level of risk assessment and daily management is surely a problem for festival and event organisers. Although the future of live events offer more chances for employment across the country, the increased amount of moving parts put in place by the pandemic will make event organisation all the more difficult.

Arts Council bursaries and funding will be needed to fully help event and festival organisers in the future, especially to keep up with the stringent guidelines.

Please read more if interested through this link, especially if you are hoping to organise an event soon.

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