August Showers Bring Wildflowers

Our Social Media Manager, Abbie shares a smattering of sparkles from her week, including wildflowers, pandemic memes, and the wonderful NCFA Team.
A wildflower meadow at Airfield Estate in Dundrum.

After the week we’ve seen, with a one of the largest tropical storms hitting Louisiana and Texas, and with a god-awful amount of wind and intermittent rain in Ireland, it’s safe to say summer is on its way out the door and back to the southern hemisphere. We’re rushing to catch every last drop of sunshine while we can, and I don’t want to admit it, but I’ve already taken out my winter jumpers. (Hoping Murphy’s Law will save me, and it will mean another few weeks of delightful weather).


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Holidays in Ireland be like….

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Yep, just a typical August afternoon in Ireland. Thankfully the bees are still buzzing.

Slow motion bee magic 💛😍🐝 #sundayvibes #welovebees

Posted by Flow Hive on Saturday, August 22, 2020

After talking to Luke Casserly and Shanna May Breen on this week’s Stage Door Live, I couldn’t help but dream of a world of wildflowers.

Tickets to participate in their project, 1000 Miniature Meadows, are still available, and you can find them here:


While lost in the world of producing, I usually feel quite scattered. So, instead of diving deep into the things which gave me a boost this week, you’re getting a smattering of sparkles. (And a bit of alliteration).

How the heck did she get an instrument with no strings to sound like an actual human voice?

If there wasn’t already enough evidence that cats are the most ridiculous animals on the planet and more stubborn than a toddler.


I fondly remember the Frog and Toad books, and this latest set of pandemic memes featuring the iconic duo had me laughing and also in a state of existential crisis (and yes, the two often exist at once).


I was personally delighted to hear about this version of the Scottish Play being presented by Big Telly as part of Belfast International Arts Festival. Nothing like a bit of Shakespeare during a pandemic to keep spirits up. Or keep the spirits away in Banquo’s case.

Live. Virtual. Immersive. I. CAN’T. WAIT.


There is no doubt in my mind that the National Campaign for the Arts has become an inspiration to us all during this time. With their quick responses, endless fighting for our sector, and decisive leadership, it’s safe to say they’re working around the clock to hold the government accountable. We’re looking forward to hearing what comes of NCFA’s meeting with government officials on Monday, but as we move into the weekend, it’s delightful to see individual members of the team highlighted on their social media platforms today.

Keep an eye out today and presumably over the weekend to hear all about the gorgeous and hardworking folk behind the NCFA.

I’m sure by the end of reading this post, you’ve already hopped over to the Dublin Fringe Festival’s website and bought your own ticket to 1000 Miniature Meadows.

Where are you going to plant your wildflowers?

Take care of yourselves, and each other.

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