Blindfolds, Meltdowns, and Connell’s chain

Our Social Media Manager, Abbie talks Meltdowns, Blindfolds, and Connell’s chain. Abbie searches for the sparkles in social media; this week it’s not all just sparkles.

Hello Everyone.

I think we’ll just get into it.  Here’s what I’ve been seeing on social media.

Irish Theatre has blindfolded itself to race.

Now more than ever we should work to build our sector in a better way, more inclusive, diverse, and stronger than ever. Nothing but that will do. This means starting from the ground up. Nurturing talent from cradle to stage to make sure that the shows on the Irish stages reflect the Ireland (and the world) that we live in.


Brokentalkers relased their #FutureForecast for Project Arts and it’s… well, it’s quite grim. And feels all too familiar.

In the same vein as Dear Ireland, quarantined work or isolation scenes may not be something we want after this is done, but there is something cathartic in hearing this voice at this moment.

I knew him when….

To be honest, I snorted when I first saw this. And then was like “I saw him in the Great Gatsby AND Asking for It”….so yeah, let’s hope the Gate doesn’t start charging for name dropping now. And yes, I have yet to see Normal People, but I feel like I already know more about Connell’s chain than anyone should.  Kudos to Paul for raffling  off a chain (or is it THE chain?) in support of Pieta House .

Guilt, Shame, and Fear

I don’t think there’s a better way to end this post.  THIS. I promise I will do better. I will sit with the uncomfortable guilt and shame and will learn from it. I will assess the ways in which I have benefited from systemic racism, and the ways in which going forward I can help dismantle it.  We must do better.

Black Lives Matter.

What action are you taking?

Take care of yourselves and ALWAYS take care of each other.



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