Cork City to be turned into a visual art gallery

Combining video, sculpture, sound and plant life, live music and performance, the art is a creative guided online walkthrough.
City Gallery strand of Cork Midsummer Festival 2021

The Cork Midsummer Festival 2021 is bringing visual art to the streets of Cork from the 14th to 27th June.

Supported by the Cork City Council, the festival is turning Cork city into a visual art gallery.

The events include The Day – Crossing Farm by visual artist Marie Brett who incorporates live elements into her art installation. The installation explores issues of trafficking, modern-day slavery and drug farming. 

Combining video, sculpture, sound and plant life, live music and performance, the art is a creative guided online walkthrough.

The event warns audiences of the references to drug use and human trafficking in the artwork. It emphasises on PG for online viewing and that a supervising adult must accompany anyone under 18 years old.

The event also provides support, should anyone be affected by the issues raised in the artwork.

Although the event is set for an online audience, there is an admission fee of five euro. The bookings are now open.

Laura Fitzgerald: I have made a place. 14-27 June 2021.

Another event initiated by Crawford Art Gallery hosts Doug Fishbone’s new exhibition ‘Please Gamble Responsibly’ and Laura Fitzgerald’s ‘I have made a place’ together for the Cork Midsummer Festival.

The exhibition will display a combined series of drawings, video, audio installation and large-scale ‘sculptural drawings’, and wander around Doug Fishbone’s ‘ghost estate’ for his free-wheeling, fast-talking request to please gamble responsibly. 

The exhibition by Doug Fishbone and Laura Fitzpatrick will be held for free in the Crawford Art Gallery.

The festival is also hosting a new exhibition by Bassam Al-Sabah, who is originally from Iraq, now living in Belfast. The exhibition is titled ‘Longing, Beyond’.

The exhibition is a new project commissioned by the Glucksman, a leading museum nationally and internationally for creative learning and access to the visual arts, and curated by Chris Clarke, a senior curator at The Glucksman.

The exhibition combines digital animation, sculpture and textiles to convey visions of war, resistance and perseverance. The exhibition will be free for visual arts enthusiasts.

The exhibition is set to be available from 11 am to 5 pm in the window façade of Finn’s Corner, Washington Street.

Eimear Walshe, The Land for The People. 21 – 27 June 2021. National Sculpture Factory.

Another free admission project part of the Cork Midsummer Festival is The Land for the People set to launch on the 21st to 27th June.

The National Sculpture Factory commissioned artist Eimear Walshe, an artist from Longford, for this year’s Neon Public Art Commission. The project comprises a new neon sculpture and an interactive publication.

The project draws on the artist’s research in 19th and early 20th-century land contestation in Ireland and its significance in the contemporary era. A temporary neon sculpture will be placed on the front façade of the National Sculpture Factory building.

The sculpture will light up nightly between the summer and winter solstices along with an interactive publication based on 19th-century political pamphlets.

An event titled ‘Open Road’ displays a new public artwork by Irish artist Fatti Burke developed in collaboration with the Glucksman and children from diverse communities across Cork city.

The artwork amplifies the voices of children from communities who have less frequent opportunities to engage in cultural, artistic and creative programmes.

Funded by the Arts Council, the event comprises a series of workshops where children are provided with the opportunity to collaborate with professional artists to design artwork for the public space.

Part of Pluck Projects’ FALL/OUT is presented throughout the event. This includes the artworks ‘Cork Caryatids’, ‘As Above, So Below’, ‘To Hold Still’, ‘Meatán’ and ‘Define Silver Lining’. 

Each event supported by the Cork City Council represents and celebrates different meanings and issues around Cork through olden to current times. 

For more information on this event, please visit here.

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