Cork prepares for festivities as Kino announces annual Festivals

Cork will look up to an exciting week ahead of the annual Cork Folk Festival and the Cork Podcast Festival.

Kino, Cork a former art house cinema and a current live music venue, theatre space, bar and café, promoted by the Good Room events crew, will be reopening with the Cork Folk Festival and the Cork Podcast Festival along with a host of other events around Cork City and County.

With a rising number of cases of COVID-19 in the capital, the unfortunate cancellation of the New Year Festival (NYF), and the looming threat of Level 4 in Dublin, Cork can look forward to an exciting week ahead of the annual Cork Folk Festival and the Cork Podcast Festival. 

The Cork Podcast festival will run from Friday, October 9 to Sunday, October 11, bringing in a mix of series drama, humour, ‘historical tales from the Great Famine to the Maamstrasna Murders’, arts, and fine music of ‘all the colours and every mood’. 

The Irish History Podcast by Fin Dwyer followed by The Two Norries Podcast by James Leonard & Timmy Long will be the two main podcasts of the opening day leaving the audience wanting more powerful storytelling and serious discussions of the most pressing matters of the society such as addiction, crime and mental health. 

October 10 will be packed with podcasts for artists, experts, misfits, and podcasts that delve deeper into the ‘what ifs’ and the “lesser-known details of the bizarre stories that made the headlines.”

The much sought after, Ask Audrey, will add colour to the eve of October 10 before ending on the musical notes of  Franck Brass and his ivory keys along with the melody of Amy McKenna. 

Held in the south-west of the island, Make Me an Island, and The Mick Clifford podcast will end the podcast festival on October 11, 2020. 

The power-packed show, Make Me an Island by Donal Dineen Radio is an illustrated guide to the musical universe that leaves no stones unturned to “soothe the soul” of all music lovers on the island.

On the other hand, The Mick Clifford podcast will bring the big stories of the week and some of the off-agenda stories featured in the Irish Examiner.

Having partnered with exciting Cork festivals last year, Kino has now returned with a lineup of several Cork favourites including the Cork Folk Festival, sounds of Paul Noonan, Niamh Regan, and Liam O’Maonlai.

You can find the full lineup for the Cork Podcast Festival and other upcoming events at Kino here.

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