“Drawing” on my experiences, a week in review

Our Social Media Manager, Abbie, shares her weekend plans, including a bit of dancing, a bit of drawing, and a little bit of Andrew Scott.
Abbott and Costello, my cacti
Abbott and Costello

Each Week, Abigail Grimstad, TheatreMaker.ie’s Social Media Manager looks at the posts on social media that caught her attention.

Hello everyone! Another week gone. Today for me is two months of good old lock down. With only a few days of work scattered in the first couple weeks. It feels like a lifetime away. Ah, March and April, where did you go?

Since we’re still social distancing, I’ll send you all a hug virtually, well, at least in video form. Here’s a grandma who’s figured out a way to still hug her grandchildren, and I definitely didn’t cry when I was watching it, so I don’t know what you’re talking about. Thanks, RTE news. 

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With a little bit of ingenuity and some plastic, a great-grandmother in the US state of Illinois was able to safely hug her great-grandchildren for the first time since the coronavirus pandemic led to social distancing measures. 85-year-old Rose Gagnon went from seeing her great-grandchildren every day to not hugging them in more than two months. But she gathered them in her arms again for the first time this week thanks to an invention by her granddaughter. Using some PVC pipes, a window insulator kit, and duct tape, Carly Marinaro built a "hug time" machine outside her house in Rockford, Illinois. "My heart felt like it was going to burst. It filled my heart," Ms Gagnon said. "I was getting to the point of 'Oh my gosh, I can't handle this, I need to hug her, the kids need to hug her.’ So it was just so worth it," Ms Marinaro said. "We’re not meant to be apart like this or be isolated and it’s sad for those people that can’t be around their family members. I’m just glad that we can share this type of happiness with people," she added. Ms Marinaro said her "hug time" device has garnered international attention. She hopes other families can use the idea to hug their loved ones. #coronavirus #covid19 #hugs #love

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After an uplifting session this morning with TheatreForum.ie, and small group discussions with a beautiful group of artists, I felt much better equipped to tackle the days ahead. Funny how a bit of camaraderie and a dash of a mirroring warm-up over Zoom, will really lift the spirits. (You can find TheatreForum.ie on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, and join us next time!)

But let’s be honest. For #theatremakers, there is no better way to explain this period than this:

I’ve never been good with handstands, but by golly, I’ll learn! Thanks to Davey Kelleher for finding the perfect GIF for the times.


Our #StageDoorLive episode on Wednesday was further proof that #ArtistsAlwaysAdapt. Not that we should always be forced to, or expected to, but boy, the arts sector in Ireland is made up of hardy and resilient people. The current situation only solidifies that.


We had an amazing time chatting with Cian Austin Jesus Kinsella, one half of the comedy duo Lords of Strut, on this week’s #StageDoorLive, and it looks as if his other comedy-half is up to some exciting things himself. Cormac Mohally will be leading a part of the Zoom Masterclass series for Junk Ensemble

We're excited to announce our Zoom Masterclass Series for Firkin Crane kicking off with Lords of Strut's Cormac Mohally…

Posted by Junk Ensemble on Wednesday, May 13, 2020


In non-theatre related social media: Saturday 16th of May is National Day of Drawing, and the National Gallery of Ireland   has you covered. Not only that, the new live sessions from  Other Voices Live that the gallery is hosting are hauntingly gorgeous. (Check them out here). 

Our creator and tech god, Kevin, already knows what he’ll be working on for National Day of Drawing. 

Maybe we’ll get him to share his creation on next week’s post!

After everyone finalises their masterpiece Disney sketches, perhaps you’ll be craving a little bit of Andrew Scott. No? Just me?


Dublin Theatre Festival is streaming their 2015 production of Sea Wall, featuring Mr. Scott. It’s available to watch until Monday the 18th, so that should definitely be in your weekend plans!

In 2015 we presented Sea Wall at @projectarts. For anyone that missed Andrew Scott in Simon Stephen's Seawall, it is…

Posted by Dublin Theatre Festival on Friday, May 15, 2020

So, a bit of dance, a bit of drawing, and a little bit of Andrew Scott. What more could you want?

In honor of the National Day of Drawing, I’m issuing a challenge to you all. If you don’t feel like learning to draw something Disney, I would love to see your renditions of my cacti, Abbott and Costello. (Pictured in the featured photo. Which is Costello do you think?)

Sending plastic covered hugs to you all. Stay safe and well. 


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