Forecasting the Future: what is ahead of us?

Our Social Media Manger Abbie talks socially distanced social circles, haircuts at midnight, her pathetic understanding of Tik Tok, and more.

Each Week, Abigail Grimstad,’s Social Media Manager looks at the posts on social media that caught her attention.

Hello Everyone

Welcome to Phase 3 Ireland! I took a little cycle through town the other day, and felt like I was walking through a changed world. We’re meeting friends, running errands, and even enjoying a cheeky pint or two. Who ever thought this day would come?

This week, I’ve begun to understand how this time has shifted my perspective and the perspective of those around me. Earlier in the week, I had a difficult conversation with my grandmother, who has, like most elderly people, been cocooning. She had been looking forward to her hair appointment for month now, and it’s last minute cancellation was too much for her to handle. While already being limited by the use of oxygen, she’s only in her first year of living with my uncle and family, instead of on her own, with her own house, space, and schedule.

“What are we here for if not to be useful?” she asked me as we Face-Timed on Monday. “I’m no use to anybody here.”

I tried to assure her that my uncle didn’t expect anything from her, she didn’t need to earn her place in the household, she had already done that with her previous 91 years. She wasn’t having any of that.

“No, no, no, I need to be doing something, or what’s the point?”

The Future Has Been Bad

This piece caught my attention this morning, the next installment in Project Arts Centre’s #FutureForecast, and has set a thoughtful and melancholic tone over my day already. At the beginning of the pandemic, I was sure I could feel the world hemorrhaging, and as we’ve settled into this weird state, I know there are many still grappling with change. And none more so than those who are losing their connection with the present as their past starts to fragment.

Heart-wrenching in it’s simplicity, José Miguel Jiménez’s work will stay with me for a good while, I’d expect.

“Then I started to feel it was an excuse to keep telling me something and the goal of that telling is to keep a connection like a line in the water” 

I dearly wish I could’ve spent some of this time with my family, and I hope that those who have be blessed (though maybe stressed too) by spending time with their loved ones during all this, will look back, or perhaps forward, warmed by the memories of the shared space.

God Bless the Hairdressers

It warmed my heart to see this as we entered Phase 3. When I first arrived in Dublin, I went to a very fancy hairdressers for my first haircut. It was lovely, I had coffee and biscuits, and the cut was fab. But what I missed out on was the community and conversation that the hair salon creates (what I really want is something closer to Steel Magnolias).

It was delight to hear of this hairdressers opening up as soon as the could to start building that community again.

I might be sticking with the box dye (for now), but I’ll still be celebrating this new step of reopening.

(Also can we celebrate that I didn’t succumb to the urge to cut myself a fringe during lock-down? I know. I’m proud of me too.)

The Perfect Picnic Spot (or circle)

I think I might just have to pack a picnic lunch this week and head down to the Irish Museum of Modern Art. I suppose this circle idea might stop strangers from treading on your picnic blankets.

Get everyone in your social circle to join you in your own social circle!

Slow Motion Story Telling

Now I’m definitely not on Tik Tok, but I see enough in my endless scrolls through Facebook to have a sort of elementary education. Recently I’ve seen this slow motion story telling theme from a lot of people, and this Film Set version has to be my favourite thus far.

The Film Crew by: Aimee La Joie – Actor #Film #Crew #AimeeLaJoie

Posted by Set Creativa on Friday, June 26, 2020

Children Are Our Traffic

As a cyclist, I’m not saying I’d want to be passing these monsters(the bikes, not the children) in the cycle lane, but as a green alternative to the school bus, I’m all for it. And with news of more of Dublin City Centre becoming pedestrian only,  this idea might prove more necessary than we think. Just look how happy they all look! Start the day with a smile kiddos!

That’s all the sparkles I have for you this week, but I have a question before I go…

Who would you invite into your social distanced social circle?


Take care of yourselves, and care for others.






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