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Our Social Media Manager, Abbie treads the fine line between appreciation and critique as she shares the Sparkles from her week, including a plethora of livestreams.

Welcome back to this week’s Sparkles from Social Media. It’s me, again.

Like most weeks, I’m going to skim over the sham that is the communication from the Irish government regarding levels, and enforcement, and all those things. I will also skim over the ridiculousness that is happening in American politics, and perhaps for a few moments while reading this post, you can pretend that the world is back to some sort of normalcy. Maybe?

Dublin, October looks good on yah

I tune in last night to both iterations of ANU Productions #ThePartyToEndAllParties, and to be perfectly honest, I was initially hesitant.

Don’t get me wrong. I love ANU’s work, and am always heavily affected by their shows. We rarely get to connect with the people in our lives as much as the audience gets to connect with the actors in these productions, and I myself remember a timeless moment, sitting in kitchen with Úna Kavanagh’s character during a performance of These Rooms. Watching Niamh McCann (also a performer in These Rooms) in her journey at 5PM brought me immediately back to that first experience. Through their work, ANU invites (and I would argue, pushes) the audience into the story, where there is no other option but to confront the human experiences in front of them.

I didn’t think the magic of those moments, the intimacy, could be recreated in any other form but when breathing the same air as these characters. Colour me wrong. ANU and their collaborators gave us a deliciously intimate experience all from the comfort of our own kitchens last night. And I want more.

The performances were mesmerising, but let’s be honest, the real star was Dublin city centre in its golden hour.

Am I a machine?

As our team have been livestreaming since March, it’s delightful to see more and more theatre being shared through this method. And if Dead Centre’s ‘To Be A Machine’ taught us anything, it’s that theatre, in it’s purest form, can’t be through the lens of a camera, but we’ll make due with the distanced quality for the moment, which only makes us wish for the real thing all the more.

I was confronted with all sorts of emotions while watching Jack Gleeson spin a virtual tale from the safety (and isolation) of Project Arts Centre. I was too busy feeling uncomfortable to properly document the experience, but let’s just say, we should value our human interactions more. Less texting, more talking.

Laughing Jack

Another ★ ★ ★ ★ review for To Be a Machine (Version 1.0) has put a smile on our faces – especially Jack's!Thank you Alan O'Riordan and Irish Examiner: "The framing of the show gives ample scope for playful echoes and illustrations of O’Connell’s themes." Five shows to go… Dublin Theatre Festival

Posted by Dead Centre on Wednesday, October 7, 2020
As nice as it was to see the other people in the audience, I’m still weirded out.

Maybe I’ll just be a puppet

Especially as the days are growing shorter and I’m starting to wrap myself up in jumpers, I find I’m on the hunt for my weekend watchlist. Along with the announcement that Phantom of the Opera will be available (again) by popular demand this weekend, I was delighted to come across this post from Arts and Disability Ireland. This documentary looks fascinating, and very apt for a cold October night.

Fishamble’s EMBARGO

After seeing this deadly poster all over the place, specifically right in front of me on several bus journeys, I couldn’t get it out of my mind, and cannot wait to tune in tomorrow night to Fishamble‘s EMBARGO. Another livestream to look forward to! You can book tickets for this HERE.

Although it seems my Sparkles have turned into a somewhat review-esque post this week, I assure you, I am not a critic, nor do I have the desire to be a critic. But it’s been delightful accessing some amazing performance through socials this week.

What sparkles have you come across lately?

Take care of yourselves, and of course, each other.

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