Haven’t we done this before?

Our Social Media Manager, Abbie, send sparkles your way in the form of Sir Patrick Stewart’s sonnet recitation, Tom Hollander’s daily routine, and an intense longing to see The Great Hunger.
“Piano” by MagnuZ is licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 2.0

Hello friends!

As you may know, the Stage Door Live team is taking a much deserved break, and for the first time since this whole adventure began, I actually let myself lounge about, ignoring my computer, and melting into a puddle of exhaustion, nerves, and anxiety. Now I’m deep into the process of pulling myself back into the real world when, KAPOW! numbers are surging and everything is pointing at more restrictions. As I stood in work, in the same spot where we first caught wind of the lockdown in March, I couldn’t help feeling an odd sense of familiarity. Here we go again.

Although Hillary covers the News That Didn’t (or Wouldn’t Have) Made It every week, I must argue some of the best bits of the latest news article are actually the memes created after the news breaks. I won’t be posting anything political here (except for the ridiculous anti-mask protests happening in Grafton Street this afternoon, see below) but I would encourage everyone to take a look at some of the quality memes that emerged after the first Presidential Debate, (or should I say debacle?). Oi vey.

I wish I could say I was surprised.

Sonnet Sunday

Well. I know what my Sunday evening is going to look like. I’ll be indulging in a hot whiskey whilst listening to the dulcet tones of Patrick Stewart as he reads ALL of Shakespeare’s sonnets to me. It will be the most romantic thing I’ve experienced in a very long time, and oddly, I’m okay with that. Why I wasn’t aware of this delightful and daily event LOOOONNG before this week, I’ll never know.

154 sonnets at 14 lines each, that’s going to be quite the Sunday lullaby.

If music be the food of love, play on!

Though it doesn’t take much to get the water works going these days, what with a global pandemic and lack of planning ability, crushing anxiety and exhaustion, this made me cry my eyes out.

I’ve played piano for nearly 20 years now, and as I see my grandparents deal with arthritis, joint issues, and loss of strength, the idea that I will one day be unable to play has come into my head more than once. What an incredible moment for this Maestro.

And the tears have started again.

The Great Hunger.

Although I live just a hop and a jump from The Royal Hospital Kilmainham, I’m absolutely devastated to be missing this co-production from IMMA and The Abbey Theatre. However I was delighted to watch this ethereal and enthralling teaser for the show on Facebook.

I know Hillary covered this in her blog, but it’s too big of a deal not to highlight it twice!

The Day in Review

Some days seem to drraaaaaaaaagggg oooooonnnn. Certainly for me, the small pleasures have been helping me through this weird times. I relate to far too many of Tom Hollander’s thoughts, including his self-examination, trying to “see what others see.” Staring at your reflection for too long can be harmful for your self-confidence, or a boost for your ego, depending on the day.

I just want to hold someone in various shapes. I’m tired of putting my arms around a pillow.

Really do try to retain a sense of humour at all times. It’ll do wonders.

(also can we take a moment to gander at the OP’s Twitter handle? Kismet, no?)

Before I go, just a quick reminder that Dublin Theatre Festival still has some fabulous online offerings, including Willie White’s conversation with the ever amazing Fiona Shaw. Check them out when you can!

Instead of my usual question, I want to invite you to take a moment, look/listen around you, and find a detail, the lines in the soles of your shoes, the blades of grass between the pavement, the ticking of your watch, and let your mind focus on JUST THAT for a whole minute. (Definitely breathe while doing this!)

Sometimes a little refocusing is all that’s needed to bring new light to the everyday around us. I hope you find a bit of extra wonder in your week, and Sparkles in your step.

Take care of yourselves, and each other.

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  1. Finally found and got to read the great blogs by Abigail Grimstad. I thought by the first lines and the picture of her hands at the piano she was going to entertain us. Wonderful day today! Thank you

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