EXCLUSIVE: Kodaline star wants more gigs after the first live test event; upcoming tour

10/6/2021 Fans are pictured listening to James Vincent McMorrow during tonight’s first concert with a live audience since the start of the pandemic. Presented by the National Concert Hall, this is the first of many outdoor pilot events to take place over the summer and marks an important first milestone on the way back to the safe and full recovery of live events. PHOTO: Mark Stedman

Mark Prendergast attended the James Vincent McMorrow concert at the Iveagh Gardens yesterday.

The Kodaline guitarist told Theatermaker.ie he hopes that this type of event would happen more frequently.

“There should be way more of these, he said. “I don’t see why the stage can’t just be there for the whole summer and different bands come in and play because bands just want to play. You’d see how emotional James was on stage. You don’t realise how much we miss it until you actually come to see it [the concert].

“We need way more of this, like all the time, it can’t just be one gig and it goes all over the press and everyone is high fiving each other and then there is nothing for a few months. But obviously, we got to be realistic and it is down to how many cases there are but we’ll see. Hopefully, there is way more.”

He said the first live test event was organised well. “[It’s] really good! Everyone was in their own little pod and there was a lot of space, everyone stayed in their pod and everyone was very well behaved.”

The musician admitted it felt strange being in a field with a 10 per cent capacity. “I see no reason why as vaccines come in, it can be increased to more people,” he said.

He believes that with more events held over the summer, more opportunities are given to artists to perform for concert lovers.

The concert was organised by the National Concert Hall as the first live test event approved by the Government since the pandemic.

Mark also announced that there is an acoustic tour aligned for Kodaline to perform for people in Ireland later this year.

“We’ve announced a tour for maybe at 60 to 70 per cent capacity, so it’s not the full room, it’s kind of a seated [show] so people won’t be cramped together. I mean, it’s wishful thinking, you know – most tours have been announced for next year so hopefully, it goes ahead. That’s like four months away but at that stage, everyone would be vaccinated so… I mean I’ve seen bands, like The Strokes are playing in New York to like twenty thousand people. I think if everyone is vaccinated it shouldn’t be [impossible].”

Kodaline’s Acoustic Tour 2021 is aimed to start in Opera House, Cork on the 10th of November. The tour aims to travel to eight other venues this year.

On 11th November, the tour will host its show at Leisureland, Galway and UL Concert Hall in Limerick on 12th of November. The tour will then move to Millennium Forum, Derry, on 19th of November and on 3rd December the tour will be held in the Opera House at Wexford.

On 4th December, the tour will move to INEC Arena in Killarney and then to the Royal Theatre in Castlebar on 5ht December. The last two venues for the tour will be held in Dublin’s Olympia Theatre on 8th and 9th December.

The tickets are available for purchase starting today. Visit Ticketmaster.ie/kodaline to purchase the tickets for Kodaline’s Acoustic Tour 2021.

Should more positive outcomes come out of the test events, the tour will be going as planned.

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