New Book about Gate Theatre to launch next month

One of the only two full-time producing theatres in Ireland, the Gate’s history and development over the years is revisited by Ruud van den Beuken.

 It’s a good week for all Irish Arts lovers as Ruud Van den Bueken together with Syracuse University Press announce new book, ‘Avante Garde Nationalism at the Dublin Gate Theatre’ (1928-1940), that shall become a jewel in the crown of Irish theatre studies.

The book which is set to launch next month closely examines the “underexamined institution of the Gate Theatre” and aims to make an impact on Irish studies. By the use of several archives, Ruud van den Beuken sheds light upon the Gate’s productions of new Irish playwrights such as Denis Johnston, Mary Manning, David Sears, Robert Collis, and their patrons Edward and Christine Longford who “engaged with issues like class identities, sectarian tensions, and the legacy of the Easter Rising in the Free State”

A must-read for all Irish history fans, Ruud van den Beuken’s ‘Avant-Garde Nationalism at the Dublin Gate Theatre’ rewrites the widely accepted Irish story of both the Abbey Theatre and its rival, the Gate, and forces the readers to rethink Irish Theatre. 

Founded by Hilton Edwards and Micheal mac Liammóir, the Gate is known for the very introduction of foreign drama to Ireland. The book will not only elaborate on the theatre’s work in the early years but also make a significant impact on theatre studies and mid-century modernism. 

The Gate
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The Gate, which became a site of unorthodox, radical, experimental work in the post-independence decades, now remains closed until 2021 due to huge box office losses and cancellation of at least 9 months of programming.

“As we look forward to the possibilities of what 2021 may bring, and how the Gate will play it’s part in helping to pioneer a new theatrical landscape, I take heart from the solidarity of our staff and our theatre colleagues as we experience this crisis together,” said Selina Cartmell, Director of the Gate, on closing the theatre. 

“I continue to believe in the potential of the Gate to be a crucial incubator of great Irish creative talent and a powerful platform for the best of Irish and international artists.  In this brave new world, we are facing together, great theatre must prevail,” she added.

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