Shakespeare and our collective pulse

Social Media Manager, Abbie, suggest some changes to our wardrobes as we ease restrictions, and hones in on our collective pulse.
My Complete Works, now taped to keep it from falling apart, with my string of hearts and some photography for an Instagram-worthy shot.

Each Week, Abigail Grimstad,’s Social Media Manager looks at the posts on social media that caught her attention.

Hello again friends.

As we walk slowly (or fully sprint) towards July and the next phase of reopening here in Ireland, I’m bolstered by the slow trickle of post featuring people together in a rehearsal room. The idea that we might be seeing theatre in person soon sends shivers down my body, and I’m quivering with anticipation. GET ME IN THERE!

As we all adhere to the social-distancing guidelines still in place (even though the pubs will be opened, and good luck getting drunk people to follow those rules), I think the fashion industry could really step up and essentially eliminate the need for the markings on the floor, the one way systems, and the plastic shields up in shops. So much additional work, when we could just wear these:

The only trick would be laundering the damn thing.

Skirting around the issue

Perhaps we ARE thinking about socially distancing all wrong. Perhaps it really is a matter of changing the fashions. Give us stilts and a large skirt, along with that cool ring of light, and can you imagine how weird Grafton Street would look? One of these would take up the entirety of a lot of pubs too.

Anyone else gotten all dressed up just to walk through town lately?📸 The spectacular Giant Divas by French company TRANSE EXPRESS, who graced Galway as part of #GIAF15

Posted by Galway International Arts Festival on Wednesday, June 24, 2020

Grace gets it.

Shakespeare soothes

For some reason (which I’m sure can be attributed the scary social media algorithms) the Bard kept popping up for me this week. I recently had to tape the spine of my Complete Works together (see the featured image for this post), but unless our phones are now watching as well as listening to everything we’re doing, there’s no way that could have been the trigger.

I was especially inspired by an article focusing on using the heartbeat of Shakespeare to sooth Autistic Audiences.

In honour of Juneteenth, this collaboration was released by the Public Theatre.

In honor of Juneteenth, The Public Theater has shared a collaborative interpretation of Shakespeare's "To Be Or Not To Be" speech, featuring an incredible group of 30 Black actors

Posted by on Friday, June 19, 2020

Talk about a collective heartbeat. If that isn’t the beauty of Shakespeare, I don’t know what is.

The perils of social media

As a social media manager for over the past 12 weeks, I’ve had to seriously work on my editing skills.  I used to consider myself a grammar fiend, but now I’m wondering if I ever even went to school. It was reassuring when I saw Waterford Walls post about their team member Ned, who understands exactly what I’m talking about.

View this post on Instagram

Aw, Ned got so excited about the line-up he has sadly made some typos. Here is a new version double-checked by our team. The 2020 Waterford Walls Artist line-up. Check here to find your favourite artist(s) and the dates they are painting! 📅 Waterford Walls Festival 2020: July 13th to August 28th. . @magdalenakarol @shane.odriscoll @gw.joyce @achesdub & @maserart @signsofpower @__russ__ @case_maclaim @nean_kingdom @michaelbeerens @david.maker & @alejandro_przcrbjl @dkashtalyan @curtis_hylton . #waterfordwalls #waterfordwalls2020 #legalwall #graffiti #graffittiart #irishgraffiti #streetart #streetartlovers #streetartireland #art #artstagram #artwork #artist #spraypaint #waterford #waterfordcity #ireland #irish #muralfestival #mural #festival #culture #artscouncilireland #globalstreetart @montanacans @montanacans_irl #germanspraypaint #montanacans @colourtrendpaints #ColourtrendPaints

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Also, this looks like a really cool event for those in Waterford (or by next week, anyone in Ireland as the next phase goes into effect.) I love to see artists at work, and feel extremely jealous of their talent.

When can we worship together again?

The wonderful Tom Creed has inspired another hashtag, #TheatreisMyChurch (along with #TheBetterNormal from his interview with us this week), and we’re loving it. I can’t wait to share a theatrical event with people again, in person. And if my experience in churches here is correct, social distancing is usually adhered to despite people’s best efforts, because churches here are MASSIVE. Unless that one couple decides to sit directly behind you and sing all the hymns right into your ear.

Instead of a question this week, I have a task for everyone before I finish. Something I’ve been trying to do lately as things seem to swing up and down.

Find your pulse. Be that on your neck, wrist, armpit, wherever. And then listen. What other rhythms do you hear around you? (For me it’s the dripping of my kitchen sink, a birdsong out my window and the gentle hum of my computer). 

I challenge everyone to take this awareness of your own rhythms with you as you go about the day, as you encounter others.  Our rhythms have synced in an amazing way during this time. We’ve been confronted by our fears, hopes, and desires. We’ve hopefully been given a small chance to reassess, and now as we move towards a fuller opening, my sincere wish is we won’t forget our connections. Our collective pulse. 

Take care of yourselves, and each other.

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