Stage Door Live, Episode 8 – 3 June 2020 #AccessAndInclusion

Individuals with disabilities are often forgotten about, but these theatre makers focus on making theatre with and for people with disabilities. We discuss access and inclusion. Featuring: Medb Lambert, Aisling Byrne, Eleanor Walsh, Pádraig Naughton, Terri Donovan, and Carolyn Bracken.

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This episode of Stage Door Live is about Access and Inclusion in Theatre. #AccessAndInclusion

In Episode Eight, Medb Lambert, co-artistic director of Asylum Productions and Artistic Coordinator of Equinox Theatre Company, and Aisling Byrne, of Run of The Mill Theatre and Talking Shop Ensemble, join us to discuss Inclusion in theatre practice and its importance. Actor Eleanor Walsh discusses living and acting with Autism, which she was diagnosed with during her first year of Drama School. In a special reports by Associate Producer Janice De Broithe, we talk to Pádraig Naughton, Executive Director, Arts & Disability Ireland, about the gains and losses for people with disabilities during the Covid-19 crisis, and his outlook for the future. In our #ArtInIsolation segment, we focus in on Actor In Training Terri Donovan, a second year actor at The Lir Academy. Our #FinalPoeticThought is delivered by Carolyn Bracken, an actor who was diagnosed with autism in her adulthood.

(This episode was cut short due to technical difficulties.)

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