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Watching a theatre performance is not the same when you watch it from home but right now it’s not like we have many other options.
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With Covid digitalising the world, you can now find theatre streaming services as well.

Here are the ways you can satisfy your theatre cravings while staying at home. 

BroadwayHD certainly has a lot to offer – Disney Broadway Hits, Peter Pan, Cats, and Lady Day at Emerson’s Bar and Grill with Audra McDonald as the legendary jazz singer Billie Holiday. These are only a few of the numerous titles in one of the largest theatre streaming services. Subscriptions are $8.99 per month or $99.99 annually.

Marquee TV is another streaming service that’s basically like a box full of chocolates. You can watch theatre, contemporary dance, ballet, opera, music, and festivals. 

Educators and students get 50% off an annual Marquee TV subscription. Artists and industry professionals get 40% off. The normal subscription is $89.99 per year.

You want Shakespeare? You can watch Richard II with David Tennant. (This is only one among their many productions though!) If it’s Oscar Wilde you want, they’ve got many of his plays. You can definitely afford to be picky here and there’s a free trial so it’s worth checking out. 

Digital Theatre is described as ‘the world’s leading digital platform for the arts’. The interesting thing about this streaming service is it produces films of stage productions in high-definition. They can be downloaded or streamed as video-on-demand. So if you want to see an original production, you can check the website out. Remember the Carey Mulligan movie Far From the Madding Crowd? You can watch the theatre production on this website. 

Partner companies of Digital Theatre include the Royal Shakespeare Company, the Royal Court Theatre, Royal Opera House, English National Ballet, the Old Vic & the Open Air Theatre.

Broadway on Demand has also recently joined the streaming wars, with its main natural competitor being BroadwayHD.

You can watch live shows, on-demand films of stage productions, and you can watch them with friends (it has real-time commenting and sharing).

The service features a library of video lessons from leading theatre instructors.

You can just sign up and watch some of the productions for free. Sometimes you would get redirected to different streaming services like but many of the shows require a Broadway on Demand Pro subscription which is $119.88 per year. The creators of Broadway on Demand have launched the UK equivalent of their streaming website. is described as an ‘online venue’ for live performance. It acts as both the host site for digital productions and as the video partner to capture and produce them. You’ll find live-streamed, scheduled, or on-demand shows, which you can browse and book tickets on.

There have been rumours about an Irish theatre streaming service in our theatre industry so maybe we could expect to see some familiar productions soon? We’ll keep you updated when something official comes out.

Until then, you can just start a free trial on some of the services above and see if you like them.

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