The News That Didn’t Make It: Episode 14

Each week, our #StageDoorLive News Writer / Researcher Hillary Dziminski chronicles her interaction with the news of the week. Some of it that made it to the show, and other bits that didn’t… This week – Theatre was broken before Covid, Banksy artwork appears in the Tube, Opinions on a minister for everything… and more.

Each week, our #StageDoorLive News Writer / Researcher Hillary Dziminski chronicles her interaction with the news of the week. Some of it that made it to the show, and other bits that didn’t… but they matter damn it. Watch the news that did make it in #StageDoorLive Episode Fourteen.

Happy Thursday, dear readers! How’re ya keepin? Alright? I want to tell you something. This week I have spent every single day…in a theatre. A theatre! I’d love to share the details with you but if I told you I’d have to kill you. Top secret and all that. But what I can say is this: I missed it. I missed it so much. I will miss it again when I go back to lockdown-as-usual on Friday. I won’t miss the constant hand sanitising, which I think has stripped several layers of skin off my hands (worth it), but I will miss the rest. Anyway. Let’s start this week with some happy news! Not strictly theatre but exciting and arty nonetheless.

The Festival of Curiosity – 2020 Programme

Now, as you know, I love arts and I love science, so when the two combine, I can hardly contain myself. I try to get to at least one or two events at the Festival of Curiosity every year, and this year the lineup is all digital and very intriguing. I’m particularly excited for The Incredible Tale of Robot Boy presented by Theatre Rites, Create a Puppet with Branar Theatre, and Underwater Moves from The Ark and Monica Muñoz.

Of course there’s a future for the British fishing industry – on stage

“I know you. You’ve survived storms at sea, gales that tear trees from fields. You’ve withstood winds that raise roofs, and endured the tossing of tempests. And if you have the courage to do all that, my fishermen friends, then maybe, just maybe, there’s a future for all of you… on the stages of British theatres!”

This one defies summary. Go on. It’s a short read.

The empty stage at the Abbey Theatre. The national theatre is reaching out to online audiences during the crisis. Photograph: Ros Kavanagh

Theatre was broken before Covid – now there’s no going back

For a long time the sense had been growing that something in the system had to give, although no one anticipated the “give” would come from an outside agent that threatens to shatter the entire system.

This one just raises all the questions. Good questions. Ones that are bouncing around inside my head, keeping me awake at night, and colouring so many of the conversations I have with friends and colleagues. Especially now, knowing that we will not be entering the next phase of lockdown exit on Monday.

In New York Times piece Digital Theater Isn’t Theater. It’s a Way to Mourn Its Absence, Laura Collins-Hughes says, “Plenty of people, starved for theater, are gorging on it digitally. But to feel its full force, you have to be there — to absorb it physically.”

But I can’t help but feel that we’re on the precipice of major regression, and this week as I have savoured my precious time within a theatre space, I have felt that sentiment of burgeoning fear creep in. It is palpable. How long until we can feel the full force of theatre once more? Will this be our last hurrah? How will we come back from this? When? And when we do come back from this, how can we possibly justify returning to an industry that has so badly mistreated so many of us?

Catherine Martin, newly appointed Minister for Media, Tourism, Arts, Culture, Sports and the Gaeltacht, receives her seal of office from President Michael D Higgins in June. Photograph: Maxwells

Diarmaid Ferriter: How can you be Minister for Media, Tourism, Arts, Culture, Sport and Gaeltacht?

Surely we’re all asking the same question…right? Is it just me? Is it just my admittedly very poor understanding of how the Irish government works? This headline put my mind at ease. It’s not just me, then, who was taken aback at the creation of this new department. The title sounds more like an inventory of the little mermaid’s treasure trove than an important governing body; the Department of Gadgets and Gizmos, Whozits, Whatsits, and Thingamabobs. There has been some discussion of how the inclusion of the Arts in the same department as Culture and Sport might elevate the status of the Arts subsection but how could any of these things possible get the attention they deserve in such a broad-spectrum portfolio? Maybe it’s just beyond my powers of comprehension.

Anyway, to finish this week’s entry up on a high note, or at least a whimsical one:

Banksy spray painted his tag in the colours of a medical face mask

Banksy: New coronavirus-inspired artwork appears on Tube

Banksy strikes again! The rats that appeared in Banksy’s earlier lockdown work could be seen sneezing all over the windows, parachuting with medical masks, and generally causing havoc. They have now been removed (sad) but the video on the artist’s Instagram is extremely cool. Check it out.

Anyway, folks, that’s all for this week. I hope you’re all wearing masks and washing your hands like your life depends on it because…well, it does. Be safe. Be healthy. Be well.


Accomplice Appendix

I’ve been tracking the #ReawakenTheFeminists hashtag on Twitter and I hope to have more news on the movement soon. In the meantime, this piece from Una Mullally is a very good read and a good place to start if you’re just learning about the recent surge in testimonies against abusers in the Irish comedy and trad industries.
Una Mullally: Women denying their abusers darkness they crave

I think I’m a little late to the game on this but this is important viewing. This incredible documentary looks at transgender depictions in film and television. Featuring leading trans thinkers and creatives, including Laverne Cox, Lilly Wachowski, Yance Ford, Mj Rodriguez, Jamie Clayton, and Chaz Bono.
Disclosure | Watch on Netflix


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