The News That Didn’t Make It: Episode Three

Each week, our #StageDoorLive News Writer / Researcher Hillary Dziminski chronicles her interaction with the news of the week. This week Rufus Norris, Saving the summer, and well… Tom Hanks.

Each week, our #StageDoorLive News Writer / Researcher Hillary Dziminski chronicles her interaction with the news of the week. Some of it that made it to the show, and other bits that didn’t… but they matter damn it. Watch the news that did make it in #StageDoorLive Episode Three.

Hello again, it’s me, Hillary, friendly neighborhood news researcher etc. and Y’ALL. I need to talk about Tom Hanks.

‘You’ve got a friend in me’ Tom Hanks sends letter to bullied boy called Corona

Now, we all know that Tom Hanks is an absolute peach. A gem. A treasure. And when Tom announced that he and his wife were diagnosed with Covid-19, the world’s collective anxiety spiked — take our eyes, we thought, but spare Tom Hanks! But thankfully the news from Mr. Hanks has only gotten better and better since his positive diagnosis! Not only has he recovered from the virus, he’s now also making headlines for sending the sweetest letter ever written in the history of letters. If you don’t straight up weep when you read this, it’s official — you’re dead inside. (The full article in the Journal Here)


Tom Hanks donates his blood plasma following coronavirus diagnosis

You heard it here first, folks: Tom Hanks is going to save the world. Don’t say I didn’t tell you.
But I digress.

I love you, Tom.
I love you, Tom.

The article here. On to some proper theatre news.

Face Masks and Fewer Seats: One Theatre Tries Saving Summer

On the one hand, it’s great to see this attempt to offer up some semblance of normal programming; on the other hand, it raises a lot of questions for me. First and foremost, of course, is Will it work? But the bigger question for me is HOW is this financially viable??? The theatre plans to remove 70% of its seats and will lower ticket prices; they’ve stated here that they hope productions will at least break even because of lower production costs but even so, I wonder if the plan is just too ambitious. (The New York Times Article.)

World’s biggest film festivals unite for 10-day streaming event

Another mixed-feelings article for me. Again, I’m delighted that I will have even more content to enjoy from the comfort of my bed / couch; but I worry how this trend of free mass dissemination of work will devalue the arts, an already undervalued sector. Sure, everyone loves the arts, but the vast majority of folks outside the industry just don’t comprehend exactly how valuable their podcasts, films, books, and series are. The public are now stranded at home, consuming our content at record rates, and we are giving it to them. Out of the goodness of our hearts. Is this setting a dangerous precedent? Are we actively participating in our own self destruction? One look at the comments section on any article supporting increased funding for the arts will show you just how many people begrudge artists and arts workers their need to eat; I’m anxious that too many people will come out of this more hesitant than ever to put their money where their mouths are. But maybe I’m only being cynical.

When I was 20 I studied abroad in Cannes. We got tickets to see a film on our first night there. I FELL ASLEEP. 🤦‍♀️

(The Guardian Article here.)

National Theatre Boss Rufus Norris: ‘my biggest worry is about survival’

The headline alone was enough to raise my blood pressure; reading the article didn’t help. Honestly it’s so bleak right now. And although the absolute smorgasbord of work now accessible for free online is delicious and delightful, it’s doing little to soothe my nerves.

As the kids say these days: it me
As the kids say these days: it me.

And to wrap things up, I want to share the most important development of the week; unfortunately there has been no official news coverage of the announcement so far, but I will share my inside intel which comes directly from the source.



My pandemic payment will be going directly to supporting this local business and absolutely ruining my cardiac functionality with an obscene number of soy lattes.

Thanks for reading, folks, and don’t forget — lockdown is not an excuse for not picking up your dog’s poops!

See you next week (if my heart doesn’t explode).

H x

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