Theatrical readings of Philip Pullman’s Grimm Tales now available for free

If you want to watch Colin Morgan do a theatrical reading of a fairytale, you can now do it in the comfort of your own home.
The six actors who have done the theatrical readings. Source: Unicorn Theatre

Unicorn Theatre, a UK theatre for young audiences, has made their readings of Philip Pullman’s Grimm Tales available to watch online.

Philip Pullman is also famous for writing the book series His Dark Materials

Justin Audibert, Unicorn’s Artistic Director, stated that the theatre would not open to the public this autumn and is set to reopen in 2021 instead.

“By watching our online shows, spreading the word about us, or by donating, you are helping us to reach children across the country,” he said, “and are enabling us to keep creating brilliant and bold shows both now and in the future.”

These new readings are available for free until 21 February 2021.

This is not your usual boring Zoom theatre where the actors are reading from their homes; each of the readings was filmed at the Unicorn, the fairytale vibe is strong, and the set makes the magic almost tangible.

Click here to watch the performances. 

The YouTube playlist includes six theatrical readings adapted from Philip Pullman’s book, Grimm Tales: For Young and Old. The writer himself adapted the fairytales for the audience.

The stories are aimed at children aged between 8-12 (School Years 4-7).

Unicorn Theatre has also made these stories accessible for schools. To accompany the videos they have developed The Year 7 Project – a resource for teachers to use with pupils to address periods of transition, change and adaptation.

According to their announcement in the YouTube descriptions of each of the six fairytales, there will also be a free online CPD (Continuing Professional Development) session for teachers on 8 October to go through the pack and ways to use the activities in the classroom.

Other than Colin Morgan’s performance of The Devil With The Three Golden Hairs, the readings include Rumplestiltskin performed fabulously by Le Gateau Chocolat, The Brave Little Tailor by Susan Wokoma, Hansel and Gretel by Nadia Albina. 

Amdy Umerah read The Boy Who Left Home To Find Out About The Shivers, and Cecilia Noble did the theatrical reading of Cinderella

Colin Morgan fans on Twitter are absolutely ecstatic:

But he is not the only actor that has done a superb job here.

Philip Pullman’s book includes more than these six stories however, so if you want to buy the book you can get it from Amazon. Click here for the Kindle edition, here for the paperback, and here for the Audiobook. 

If you’re feeling a bit shy about getting this because you’re not between ages 8-12, don’t be. In these times, we could all do with a bit of magic. 

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