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With an exciting night of culture ahead of us, our Social Media Manager chats a bit about the face mask debate, Druid Gregory, and a 13th century castle film shoot.
Is that Dublin? Oh wait...
“New York at Night” by Trey Ratcliff is licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 2.0

Oh boy. Another Friday. Another set of Sparkles, and I won’t lie, it’s a bit tough this week. I think we’re all holding our breath for tonight’s impromptu meetings, and although we’re hoping for the best, we know what the worst looks like already.

Inspired by my first find, I wish I could say I’ve thrown together a cosmopolitan, but in reality, there’s straight whisky in my mug right now. Sláinte. At least Carrie Bradshaw is talking me through her latest heartbreak, and somehow the world has started to melt away already.

Now if only I could have half as fantastic of a wardrobe, all my dreams would come true.

Queen of the Castle

If you’ve been watching Stage Door Live since the very beginning, you will remember Kim McAfferty joining us to talk about her work with Cavan Arts Festival and Fanzini Productions. She’s been working on an exciting film project for Culture Night, and I, for one, can’t wait to check it out! With a castle, dappled sunshine, and a bit of seaweed it seems like a fairy tale waiting to happen.

Speaking of Culture Night, It was a delight to have Aimée van Wylick from Boxroom Productions and Culture Night, joined by Ray Yeates from Dublin City Council on this week’s episode of Stage Door Live. If you didn’t catch it on Wednesday, you can check it out HERE.

Although it feels as though the metaphorical boat might be rocked by tonight’s announcements, it’s been absolute bliss living in a world of live theatre over the past few weeks, with Dublin Fringe Festival, and this week, Druid‘s opening of Druid Gregory at Coole Park.

With potential restrictions looming (and a sold out run ahead of them) we’re sending all the good thoughts to the Druid team!

Having started back at my waitressing job, and wearing a mask for nearly 9 hours straight, it absolutely BAFFLES me that there are people out there who won’t wear a mask. We all saw the backlash to 2FM’s Jennifer Zamparelli’s attempt at a mask “discussion,” and we can all admit it’s a heated issue. To some of us, it seems as simple as this:

No, Roxanna, we don’t want the bears to eat our faces. That doesn’t sound appealing. But I suppose “to each their own.”

(To see more of Roxanna, check out her #FinalPoeticThought for Stage Door Live HERE.)

Now, I have a confession. Since the beginning of this post, I’ve moved from the solid comfort of whisky in a mug, to friendship of an iced glass of Baileys, and likewise moved from the Sex and the City series, to Sex and the City 2.

What do you have planned for Culture Night 2020?

Take care of yourselves and each other.

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