Un-Phased and Confused

Our Social Media Manager, Abbie, talks about the once again delay of Phase Four, the power of mothers on Twitter, and a plethora of masterpiece recreations.
I don’t dream about buying a house, but I dream about filling a house with plants, does that count?

How are you all keeping? I had a fab time chatting to (and with) you all before this week’s episode of Stage Door Live.  For those that tuned into my pre-show jabber, you will have heard me mention that I came across a lovely little Twitter page called ‘Nuns Holding Things’. To my delight, it is just what it sounds like. In fact, pinned to the top of their page is an appeal for photos of…you guessed it, Catholic Religious Sisters holding things. I encourage you to explore their posts thus far.

Now, I didn’t have to scroll too far to find my favourite post, none other than a friendly game of Yahtzee, with the cutest of observers. Notable mentions go to wheels of cheese, squirt guns, and a surf board. Although they’ve only be around since mid-July, they have amassed a whopping 593 followers (as of the posting of this blog). I’m impressed.

Phase 4 the love of God wear a mask.

Although this week’s announcement of the further delay of Phase 4 didn’t surprise those watching the steady increase in daily cases, there’s no way to ignore the prolonged sense of restlessness we’re all feeling, and no one summed it up better, in my opinion, that Dr. Panti Bliss.

When in doubt, whip the wigs out.

On a completely unrelated note: WEAR A MASK! Such a simple concept, and yet, apparently so difficult to do.

Waking up with the birdsong

For a while there, the birds were starting to sing at 4am, and let’s face it, that’s a tad early (or very late) for many of us. What Daniel says is true. There was a gorgeous period of time where I felt more in tune with the world around me, and I am worried that connectivity is washing away as things start to pick back up again. As we fight for a better future in the arts, in the country, and in the world, let us not forget the birdsong.

2020: A musical review

If you missed our Stage Door Live episode focused on #IrishBornMusicalTheatre, you’ll know the musical game is strong in this country.  I had a good chortle to myself when I stumbled across this post, from Oyster Lane Theatre Group in Country Wexford. 

Looks like a John Williams piece, if I’m not mistaken. Simple, and understated, just like 2020 thus far.


Paul Mescal is at it again

For a second, I was sure the Normal People star had taken up parkour. You got me, Michael!

But seriously, the Normal People star has had a whirlwind lock-down, and although I am still flabbergasted at his growing number of Twitter followers (166.2K as I’m writing this), there are moments where you remember how weird this must be. This adorable exchange made my heart burst. It sure seems like a wild ride.

Moms are the best. As Hillary pointed out in her blog this week, they’ll support and love us no matter what.  (Well, they’ll at least read our blog posts. Right, Mom?)

No matter how famous you get Paul, your mom will still be there to respond to your tweets.

Puppy Love

With my social media sparkles, I try and focus on Irish Theatre topics and posts as much as I can, but sometimes, you need to the wholesome entertainment of a dog mistaking a statue for a real live human.

They really are too good for this world. How did we get so lucky?

On a serious note, several of my friends on Facebook shared this message from Collon Animal Sanctuary, in County Louth, who have sadly announced they will closing their doors after 37 years. If you have the space, room, and heart to offer a home to their remaining animals, reach out to them via their website: collonanimalsactuary.com.

It is with the heaviest of hearts we announce that after 37 years that Collon Animal Sanctuary is closing our doors.It…

Posted by Collon Animal Sanctuary on Wednesday, August 5, 2020

A medieval masterpiece

This time has proved artistically challenging for many people, but one of my favourite things to come out of it have been the recreations of famous works of art. At the beginning of lock down, we saw the fantastic and talented Molly O’Cathain team up with her folks for Parental Pandemic Portraits as well as the staff at the National Gallery in London recreating works of art with household objects.  People are still at it, and I think this might be my favourite one yet.


Posted by Tiina Komulainen on Thursday, July 30, 2020

Forget medieval paintings, I might try to recreate a Dali.

Now to melt my clock in the sun, start growing my moustache, and find an anteater on Ebay.


What famous painting would you recreate? 


Take care of yourselves, and of course, take care of each other.


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