Utopia or Bust: Manifestos of a New Era

Dublin Fringe Festival together with Centre Culturel Irlandis has commissioned three unique and powerful artists to “write and share their manifesto for the new era they want to usher in.”
Image source: Glitter Hole. Glitter Hole banner for Manifestos of a new era

‘Trailblazing Irish Artists’ come together to write three manifestos, marking the beginning of a new era 

Glitter HOLE, WeAreGriot, and gender.Rip are the three creators of the amazingly powerful manifestos which can be found on the streets of Dublin and Ireland up till September 20. 

Founded in 2016, Glitter HOLE is a DIY drag collective that is dedicated to providing a space in Dublin for experimental, and political queer performances of all kinds. Recent commissions include Glitter HOLE: Protest! (Irish Museum of Modern Art, 2020) and Púcaparty (Dublin Fringe Festival, 2019).  

“Our work couldn’t exist without the collective labour of the artists that contribute to our shows, and so we feel we can’t write a manifesto for a new era without their collaboration either. The new Era of Glitter Hole has to echo the energy of our live events, one that embraces a congregation of voices and a cabaret of Ideas”

“The new era will be a land of equality where, in the queer community being a white person, doesn’t mean you’re above anyone else….

The new era will see the end of hate and it shall usher in, equality FOR ALL.”

Glitter HOLE’s Manifesto

WeAreGriot, the second artist group is a collective of Nigerian-Irish poets and storytellers; Felispeaks, Dagogo Hart and Samuel Yakura. Their goal is to reflect upon the times that we live in through their work, to celebrate culture and community and to broaden the horizons of poetry. 

“Progression continues, by burying our options of ignorance. We no longer get the luxury of rest…

When the sky was falling, this is for those that showed us the holes in heaven to see God. 

When winter comes, this is for those that carry Christmas in their palms…

For those that built mirrors with a pen that served as both distraction and reflection. 

For all the Art that we consumed when the world was on fire, for those that learnt to make clay out of the warm ash, building blocks for a new norm…”

WeAreGriot’s manifesto 

The last group commissioned by Dublin Fringe and Culture Ireland is gender.RIP, a multi-disciplinary, anti-capitalist and non-hierarchical, trans-led art collective. A collaboration between Dámhín McKeown, Alber Saborío, Ríon Murphy and a loosely associated collection of gender killers based in Dublin.

This is a hostile takeover, capitalism is dead and so are the systems which uphold it!

These Are Our Demands

Individuals to be the sole authority of their gender and sexuality, and to acknowledge that all our journeys and identities are unique. 

Venues to be physically accessible and free. 

To hold space for those whose identities exist outside of western concepts of gender….”


Dublin Fringe Festival is investing in the visions of the three artists “through residency support for their artistic practice and company development from FRINGE LAB and Centre Culturel Irlandais in winter 2020.”

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