Weft Studio launches opportunity for black artists and artists of colour

Applications for Weft Studio were opened Wednesday for Black artists and artists of colour who wish to make their own work on their own terms.
Illustration by Ashwin Chacko

Applications for Weft Studio were opened Wednesday for Black artists and artists of colour who wish to make their own work on their own terms.

The applications are for a studio group consisting of 14 artists to participate in a developmental workshop period. 

The workshop would be led by Weft Studio facilitator, Dylan Coburn Gray, with interventions from international mentors.

Weft Studio, in collaboration with the Dublin Fringe Festival and funded by the Arts Council Ireland, is looking for early-career artists who want to create bold, dynamic, cross-disciplinary performances and connect with an engaged network of peers.

The workshop is organised through the Open Call initiative for 2021. Open Call is a programme for artists and arts organisations to develop and shift their practice and profile work for the public on a national scale, creating high-profile arts central to people’s lives.

The Open Call awards a maximum amount of 400,000 euro and is open to all individual artists, art organisations and creative collaborative participants. To learn more about the Open Call initiative, please click here.

A fee of 3,900 euro for 23 Studio sessions and seven additional contact days for masterclasses, group commitments and more is allocated to successful applicants. Weft Studio also ensures an ongoing correspondence with and support from facilitator Dylan Coburn Gray across the Studio timeline of July to December 2021.

Successful applicants who join the Weft Studio would also be given a selection of tickets to Irish and international performances which could be attended either remotely or live. Trips to live performances are to be decided in line with government guidelines regarding Covid-19.

Members would also be given the opportunity to work on a collaborative project with fellow studio members to create an artistic record of their studio time. Participants would be involved in a thorough documentation of the project, including video footage and social media outputs.

Weft Studio and Dublin Fringe Festival encourage people who want to tell a story or have an artform they are excited to explore to apply. Applicants should have availability from July to December 2021 to attend the twenty-three sessions with Studio Facilitator Dylan Coburn Gray alongside other masterclasses and events. Black Artists and Artists of colour over 18 years of age who are residing in Ireland or who are Irish living abroad are strongly encouraged to apply. Artists would need to have a legal status to work in the Republic of Ireland.

Dublin Fringe Festival and Dylan Coburn Gray will be hosting a pre-application session via zoom on 28th May.

The application is set to close at 10am on Monday, 21 June.

For more information on the application, please click here.

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