You are now free to move about the [theatre].

Our Social Media Manager, Abbie shares new plans for the reopening of theatres, a bit of banter from Paul Mescal and SpecSavers, and a fitting tribute to the legend, Congressman John Lewis.
Sometimes a warm cup in your hand a fresh air in your lungs is all you need

Each Week, Abigail Grimstad,’s Social Media Manager looks at the posts on social media that caught her attention.

Hello Everyone!

I have to admit, Fridays are the point in my week where I just want to slide under my duvet and hibernate for at least 24 hours. (Just me?).

I spend my week on social media promoting and Stage Door Live, and then sometimes I get to do all that AND associate produce an episode of Stage Door Live. To say it’s a busy week is not enough.

Our focus of Wellness In Practice this last week was close to my heart, and after my pre-interviews with our lovely guests, I found myself in a passionate and emotional space. These conversations are difficult to have, but they shed further light on the reality of our collective mental health, and how we can help our minds and bodies to acclimate and become ultimately more adaptable.

I’ll tell you what. I desperately needed some sparkles this week, and thankfully, social media and the fine folks on it did not disappoint.

“My name is Coronavirus…”

In last week’s Sparkles From Social Media , you may remember I highlighted the excellent lock-down retelling of the magnificence that is The Princess Bride. But of course, Cary Elwes showed us all up.

Cary, you needn’t say more. My only response is: As you wish.

You are now free to move about the Theatre

There doesn’t seem to be much sense in many of the regulations we’re seeing in place for some public spaces. If our theatres were given the same considerations as the aviation industry, we’d be set. Heck, the other day I chatted with some nice, but unmasked Canadian tourists (don’t worry, I kept my social-distance wide, and my mask on). I could not believe my ears when they said they were here for a few days from Toronto. For a moment, I forgot what world we live in, and thought “how nice they’re enjoying the city” before quickly remembering PEOPLE ARE DYING because there are those who believe wearing a mask infringes on their freedom.

* Nous avons adapté notre salle de spectacle , maintenant le public peut venir !

Posted by Union des Scénographes – UDS on Thursday, July 30, 2020

For those who don’t speak fluent French or German, it reads, “We adapted our showroom, now the audience can come!”

Be careful, emotions may have shifted in transit, please open your heart with caution. Shift happens (in theatre).

The root(s) of Van Gogh’s end

This was my favourite find this week. Van Gogh’s work always makes me slightly naseous to look at for too long. There’s such movement, life, and vivacity to his works, and yet such a tragic story to his life.  The focus of his last day’s work has finally been found, and although that doesn’t give us that many answers, it’s delightful to me to see the subject Van Gogh was capturing with his final painting.

Eye just can’t cope

I can’t imagine what Paul Mescal has been going through since Normal People premiered just a few short months ago. Chased by paparazzi, admired for his “trendy” rugby gear, and with a Twitter following which would easily beat the initial curve of COVID graphs, at least Paul is holding his own when it comes to his nationality. G’wan Paul.

As for Specsavers, they’re clearly trying to ride on the coat tails of Paul’s success with their humour, and to be honest, it’s totally working for me. Eye am a huge fan.

An “amazing” tribute to Congressman John Lewis

Grab your headphones, get yourself in a comfortable spot, and let this beauty version of Amazing Grace wash over you. I was weeping by the end. What a truly amazing send-off for Congressman Lewis.

On this week’s episode, Aoife Spillane-Hinks talked about “what we need to ‘turn on’ to turn-off.” For me, it usually involves a cup of coffee, and some time outside watching birds fly overhead and tracing the clouds as they move across the sky. Just a few moments of calm in this sometimes (or often) chaotic world.

What do you need to turn on to turn off? 

Take care of yourselves, and as always, take care of each other.

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